Welcome to the website of Morocco4x4tours

Morocco4x4Tours is part of Bikershome off-road centre, based in Ouarzazate Morocco. Since years Bikershome organizes off-road motor tours through the Moroccan desert and Atlas Mountains. Due to our 30 years travel experience through this beautiful country we may call ourselves experts in desert traveling.

The desert is not only our work, it’s our passion!

As the name suggests Morocco4x4tours accommodates those who want to explore the desert or mountains in a 4WD vehicle. Goal on every tour is to give our clients the feeling of liberty. The freedom to be out there can be described by text but to know how it really feels you have to experience it, be part of it.
In the desert each of us gets the occasion to take place behind the steering wheel and drive the 4×4 over the endless planes or through sandy riverbeds. Together we explore the desert, always dealing with new challenges along the way.
To maximize the comfort for our clients we travel with not more than 4p per vehicle.
Our cars are standard provided with air-conditioning and a fridge.

Also part of the standard equipment in every 4×4 are tow straps, shovel, sand-plates, 1.20m high-jack and many years of driving experience, which probably turn all these helpful items into redundant luggage.

Please have a look at the photo pages on this website and witness with your own eyes the abundance of unspoiled nature combined with an active journey through off-road paradise which Morocco is.

May we welcome you on one of our 4×4 adventures…?!